Posted by: pandoraaddict | August 11, 2014

Canada Only: 2014 Breast Cancer Charm

This year Pandora released a limited edition breast cancer dangle. This dangle is only available in Canada and 20% of proceeds, of each dangle sold, go to CBCF (Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation). This dangle is available now and throughout October. Retail: $65 CAD

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Posted by: pandoraaddict | January 16, 2014

2013-2014 Store Exclusives(North America)

In North America, certain levels of stores are receiving specific charms they are allowed to sell..usually this is just a few pieces.

This is a running list.

Note: these charms are available worldwide, without restrictions.

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Posted by: pandoraaddict | January 6, 2014

Pandora Club Charm Now Offical (With Prices)



Back in October 2013, there were early leaks of a special Pandora Club Charm for 2014. This will be the first Club Charm ever, made available to current Club members. Advertisement is now live on If you haven’t already, signup for the Club on This charm will now be available in March 2014, not January as previously noted.

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Posted by: pandoraaddict | September 3, 2014

2014 Club Charm Being Retired

The 2014 Club Charm is being retired worldwide, and now is the last chance to purchase this unusual charm before it’s gone!

A hinged lid reveals a diamond heart with ‘Pandora Club 2014′ engraved on the underside of the lid. The Pandora box charm is made to resemble the Pandora gift box given in store.


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Posted by: pandoraaddict | August 29, 2014

Autumn’s Radiance is Released

Pandora’s newest 2014 Collection for Fall/Autumn has be released.

PANDORA’s Autumn collection celebrates the season’s beauty and wonder. Delicate designs evoke the spirit of a fairytale forest: shimmering leaves, mystic floral blooms, iridescent pearls and golden bursts of light.

Along with the new Pandora Signature logo collection.




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Posted by: pandoraaddict | August 12, 2014

Pandora & Walt Disney Unite

August 12 – It’s official Pandora and Walt Disney unite to bring out Disney themed charms.

The new collection of hand finished sterling silver and 14K gold charms will feature inspirations from some of Disney’s most beloved characters. The initial launch, expected to roll out to PANDORA stores early November 2014, will include 25 different styles; an additional 16 styles will be sold at Disney merchandise locations, including the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.  The Disney collection from PANDORA will also be available in PANDORA stores throughout Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean in November.


Full press release PANDORA_Press_release_DISNEY

Posted by: pandoraaddict | August 2, 2014

All Watches are NOW Retired

The entire Black Crown Diamond Watch line has been retired worldwide, as of the end of July 2014. Some stores may have stock, but they are usually sent back to Pandora shortly after retirement. Remember not all levels of stores carried watches.


There are rumors Pandora will release new watches, but they will not have Swiss movements.


If you’re in the USA only, PandoraMOA still has this watch line and bands.

Posted by: pandoraaddict | July 27, 2014

Paris & Australian Charms Staying Across the Pond

For now, the newly released Love Paris charm (791302) and the Southern Cross & Kangaroo charm (791301) are not coming to North America anytime soon. These charms are a part of the Summer 2014 collection, and available now.








Posted by: pandoraaddict | June 6, 2014

New 14K Rose Gold Collection Coming

Pandora will be releasing a 14K Rose Gold collection, this is not the plated test version that was recently seen. The majority of these charms are 14K Rose Gold (which look pink) with a silver top that slides on to a bracelet. The first release will be all dangles, with a USA price range of $120-140.

Posted by: pandoraaddict | May 29, 2014

Pandora ‘Rose’ Test Collection

April 2014, Pandora tested a few charms, bracelet, and a few feather items: pendant, earrings, and ring.

Read more for full details.

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Posted by: pandoraaddict | May 28, 2014

Summer 2014 Collection is Here

The Summer 2014 Collection “Tropical Paradise” has arrived at stores worldwide. There are new additions to the Moments and Essence collections. Read More to read more :)

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Posted by: pandoraaddict | April 19, 2014

April 2014 Update – Better Late Than Never :)

The Spring and Mother’s Day collections have been released fully as of April 2014.  With promotions still underway or will begin shortly, depending on your country.

NEW Butterflies, roses, hearts, MLB baseballs too…an assortment to be found!

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