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Get The Feather Now…They’re Going Fast Fast Fast!

The feathers, for Denmark’s Indsamling, are flying fast worldwide.

Learn why and how to purchase one, and what to be aware of.



The feather dangle was produced recentally for Denamark’s Indsamling – charity helping African children – and in limited quanities. The feather was announced on the offical charity website and Pelern’s website.

The part numbers are: 390338CBK-100 and 390339CBK-100. The feathers do include the black lariat.

Perlen did not start shipping till January 16, 2012, but did have pre-order. Perlen is located in Denmark and does ship internationally – will have to purchase shipping for a nominal fee since it’s for charity. With all the buzz about this special feather, the silver verison is already out of stock from Perlen – the duotone is still available.

UPDATE: January 28, 2012 Perlen replied, to a post about if they will receive the feather again on their facebook page, they can no longer buy them from Pandora.

The only place to purchase the feather is through the charity site. Keep in mind you cannot change the currency, so you may have an additional charge from your credit/bank card for a foreign transaction – double-check with your cards terms.

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