Posted by: pandoraaddict | February 20, 2012

Pandora Drops Prices in Some Markets

From the buzz on Pandora’s Facebook Page, Pandora seems to be dropping a few prices. So far the US and UK will see a price drop for muranos.

In the US, the newly released ‘Kiss Me, I’m Irish’ Murano – item # 790927 – is confirmed now at $35USD. Released for St. Patrick’s Day 2012. A few online authorized retailers have already sent out an email allowing ordering for this new murano at this new price.

Details on this Irish Murano: ‘Kiss Me, I’m Irish’ Murano

Muranos, in the US, with silver core old retail $40USD.

In the UK, £30 new price for silver core Muranos. Old UK retail £35.

The price drop is not just on muranos..includes a little bit of everything..clips, silver, gold muranos has the latest prices.

UPDATE: New Prices went into effect March 1, 2012


Australia is also seeing prices drops, and new prices are already in effect.

Post from Gillett’s in Australia:

Over 300 Pandora charms and Pandora jewellery items have been reduced in price. This price decrease is a permanent decrease in price. And for the Pandora fans out there – don’t worry, this price decrease doesn’t mean that those products are being discontinued, we will continue to stock those 300 products.



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