Posted by: pandoraaddict | February 23, 2012

‘Kiss Me, I’m Irish’ Murano

Lately, there has been questions about where this murano – Kiss Me, I’m Irish # 790927 – will be released. The US is already seeing this St. Patrick’s Day release online and in-store. Check with your store first, if they have received their shipment.

According to a post on Pandora’s Facebook page from the admin Anita:

I’m afraid the ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ murano is an US exclusive. I have discussed the matter with our merchandising planner. He will look into the possibility of getting it launched on other markets too.

Many are surprised it wont be in Ireland with a name like that. Best to find a Pandora friend to help you out, if not in the US. Remember authorized online retailers in the US cannot ship Pandora outside of the country due to Pandora brand rules. If you find an authorized US site that sells other brands and offers international shipping that does not include Pandora, but the other  brands that site sells.

UPDATE: Some Canadians on the Official Facebook page have mentioned they are receiving this Irish murano, check with your store for details.

This murano also started the price drops on some items: Pandora Drops Prices in Some Markets





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