Posted by: pandoraaddict | May 28, 2012

Animal Print Muranos Are Coming Soon

About a month ago, was having technical difficulties, and accidentally put the wrong collection online. This collection contained images of the animal print muranos..due out in stores very soon.

The North America names for these muranos are (with part number):

African Plains Zebra   790938
Siberian Tiger   790939
Bengal Tiger    790940
South African Giraffe  790941
Masai Giraffe   790942
Snow Leopard   790943
Cloud Leopard  790946
Orange Python  790944
Blue Python  790945

Typically, Pandora releases two new collections a year..Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer…this year is an exception. These animal print muranos and the red, white, and blue murano will be released in North America June or July; some countries like the UK already have the red, white and blue murano. There will also be a Fall/Winter release worldwide.


UPDATE: The week of May 28, 2012 several USA sites have the animal print, and the red, white, and blue (All American) muranos up for sale.

All American murano item number: 790937


Check with your store for when they will receive their shipment of the newly released. Item numbers are universal worldwide; names are not  usually universal.



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