Confirmed Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Part 2

Note: As of March 1, 2012 Pandora has made permenate price drops on some items. These prices are not reflected here, has the current prices.

Clip: Fire with Red Czs

$95USD  Pandora # 790962CZR

Other versions: Water with Blue Czs (790962CZB)

Wind with Clear Czs (790962CZ)



Dangle: Forever Bloom with Black Spinel

$120USD   Pandora # 790858SPB

Also comes in Pearl



Dangle Clip: 14K Golden Butterfly

$170USD      Pandora # 790892



Bead: Forever Bloom

14K gold and sterling silver

$95USD    Pandora # 790960



Bead: 14K and Sterling Silver Golden Dragonfly

$180USD       Pandora # 790898



Dangle: Garden Hat

Sterling Silver and 14K gold

$45USD    Pandora # 790954


Murano Glass

(Note: Silver-core muranos are now $35USD from $40USD as of March 1, 2012)

Blue Looking Glass

$35USD   Pandora # 790923

Colors: White 790921

Rose 790922, Turquoise 790924

Green 790925, Coral Red 790926  

looking glass


Blue Stepping Stones

$35USD   Pandora # 790914

Colors: Red 790909

Purple 790910, Pink 790911

Orange 790912, Green 790913



Kiss Me, I’m Irish

$35USD   Pandora # 790927

Clip Dangle: 14K Gold Dogwood

$720USD     Pandora # 750812DB



Bead: 14K Gold Open Your Heart

$360USD    Pandora # 750964



Dangle Earrings: Forever Bloom with Black Spinels

Sterling Silver and 14K Gold

 $165USD      Pandora # 290666SPB



See Part 3 for more Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

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