Posted by: pandoraaddict | May 29, 2013

New Releases & New Retirees

The 2013 Summer Collection is just around the corner, June 3rd stores will be able to sell them and online worldwide.

For other countries stores are currently receiving stock, best to check directly with your store, to verify and when they can start selling.

US concept stores should already have stock and currently shop-in-shops received. Some jewelry stores have also received..they can not be put online for sale until June 3rd. Many stores are accepting phone orders though, if you are unable to get to their store or are out of state.

Note: Some of the new muranos and smooth leather bracelets are delayed due to manufacturing issues – this is for all countries.



To make room for the new collection, Pandora retires charms..charms retire at different times, in different countries.

Once a charm is retired, Pandora asks the stores to return them, however some do not and will continue to sell them, until stock is left in their store. Other times, to obtain, you may have to get from another country. Since these retirees are new, you may have a better chance of finding them locally.

(Retired is the same as discontinued, in the Pandora world, – will not be produced again)

The following are pictures from the US.

 retire1_2013 retire2_2013



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