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2013 New Suitcase Charm: First Airline Exclusive

Pandora recently released a suitcase charm ‘I Love to Travel’ that is exclusive to a few airlines. Which airlines, your probably wondering, this is yet to be known – UPDATE: LIST BELOW. Usually airlines sell well-known brands on-board, via a special printed catalog, during an international flight, so the purchase becomes duty-free. This charm will only be sold on international flights, while in the air. Some airlines are allowing pre-ordering online, but you must have a reservation number to purchase, and you will receive in-flight only – no ship to home option available.

airline exclusive suitcase

suitcase1 suitcase2

The Official document: Pandora-Press-Release

CNY 607
EUR 75
GBP 65
HKD 770
JPY 9900

USD                     99

UPDATE: ‘I Love to Travel’ suitcase is only available in a set with the passport dangle – “PANDORA I LOVE TO TRAVEL CHARM SET” (prices above for this set)

British Airways – this charm is in a set, ‘Pandora Holiday Come Fly With Me,’ with the airplane (aeroplane) charm for £54

Air Canada is offering I Love to Travel suitcase with the new maple leaf charm $89CAD

China Airlines is selling the ‘Pandora I Love to Travel Charm Set’

If flying EVA, you can pre-order the “PANDORA I LOVE TO TRAVEL CHARM SET” here

Airline Specific List:



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