Posted by: pandoraaddict | October 29, 2013

UK: New Stacking Pandora Jewellery Box

The UK recently received a new Pandora jewellery box. This jewellery box is made up of 4 different layers, that can be stacked. Comes in a cream pink leather with a black velvet interior. Available has a gift with purchase, at participating stockists.


The first layer has a mirrored hinged lid with snap closure, and features: 4 removable metal bars for charms, a bracelet section, 4 sections for pendants/large rings/chains etc and a slotted area for rings & earrings. This layer is with a spend of  £200.


The second layer has spots to rest charms, 2 removable metal rods in the center for charms, and an open front space to put bracelets/necklaces etc. This layer comes with the first layer with a spend of £275.



The third and fourth layers feature more slotted spots for rings, sections for rings, earrings, 2 removable metal rods for charms, an open section, and a watch spot. All 4 layers come together with a spend of £450.

3layerstackerbox 4layerstackerbox allstackerbox



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