Posted by: pandoraaddict | November 3, 2013

Essence Collection is Here!

November 4, 2013 marks the official release date of ‘Essence.’ Essence is another bracelet system, in addition to Pandora’s most loved unforgettable moments charm bracelet. Features a slender sterling silver bracelet with the new round Pandora clasp; thinner than their traditional bracelets; and new charms that will stay in place with their new silicone stoppers, inside their sterling silver cores. The new charms also feature their meaning engraved on their side. More information is in PA’s blog.

Note: the two bracelet system are not interchangeable.

From Pandora directly:

The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION is launched in November 2013 in select markets and stores only. The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION will be available in more markets and stores during 2014.

Select stores = concept stores

essence2013Don’t worry picture is clickable for full size ūüôā does have this collection up, with video and information.

Prices range from: (charms) $30USD -honesty to $65USD -confidence; $60USD -bracelet

For the UK: (charms) £25 to £50; £49 -bracelet



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