Posted by: pandoraaddict | March 9, 2014

Club Charm is Here (but with issues)

Clubcharm clubcharm 2014

As of 6 March the long anticipated Club charm is here. You probably received an Club email stating a voucher is needed to purchase…well Pandora strikes again with miscommunication!

The UK’s official release date was 6 March, however some stores are asking for the voucher, since there is a special code on it, other stores are not, and some online stores are selling without even asking for the voucher.

Here’s where the miscommunication starts, Pandora advertisements have stated the voucher is needed, as stores are receiving limited stock and only while stocks last.

The North American release date is March 13, however there have been posts on the official Pandora Facebook page, by Americans, stating they received their charm. It seems America is asking for the voucher, since the code needs inputted into an electronic system. However, there are stores not selling these until the release date; some stores do not even have stock yet.

The Club charm should be given in Pandora white gift box, with a sleeve stating it’s the Club charm.


Note: Other countries may have had this charm released as well. Check with your local store for information tailored to your country.



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