Posted by: pandoraaddict | March 23, 2014

Club Charm Available Worldwide & A Tip to Open

As you are probably aware, the first ever Club Charm is available (more information within our blog). Best to ask your store for availability…our Concept store, in the USA, did have this special charm, but was not advertising it – in store or in their store emails. Our store also did not ask for the voucher – some stores are, some are not.

Currently, North America is offering two (2) bracelet gift with purchases (gwp) (see promotion page) some stores are allowing the Club Charm to go against the spend amount, ours asked if we wanted to partake in the gwp.

All the official Pandora adverts are showing the Club Charm opens fully, this is a mistake. The charm only opens half way. Personally, we would not force the lid open, it may not close properly. To open the charm, we used a bit of nail on the sides, of the front, and then the middle and gentle pushed up – a guitar pick or another small flat object, that will fit in the groove, should work also.

clubcharm 2014



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