Posted by: pandoraaddict | April 19, 2014

April 2014 Update – Better Late Than Never :)

The Spring and Mother’s Day collections have been released fully as of April 2014.  With promotions still underway or will begin shortly, depending on your country.

NEW Butterflies, roses, hearts, MLB baseballs too…an assortment to be found!

The theme of this year’s Spring collection is majestic butterflies:

Embrace a delicate new season full of tiny, delicate butterflies, soft spring flowers and sparkling bursts of colour.


The Mother’s Day collection “tell[s] the story of

love’s strongest bond with [pastel] roses, hearts and the precious symbols that celebrate the love [gratitude and admiration] of motherhood – now, and forever.


Typically, North America has a few charms that are only available at a certain level of Pandora retailer. This is true once again. We have a running list of these ‘specials,’ note they are available worldwide without restrictions.


For the USA, in addition to the Major League Baseball (MLB) charms that were already released, new silver baseballs have been released with team logos – retail: $75USD.






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