Posted by: pandoraaddict | May 12, 2015

2015 Club Charm

Pandora is releasing the second Limited Edition Club charm very soon (this month, May 2015)! Last year, Hidden Heart (more information within this blog). This year, still keeping with the heart theme.

Charm will be available worldwide.

This year’s charm is a sterling silver heart with a crown.

2015 encased in the Pandora logo engraved on the back

with a genuine diamond on the front.




Item number: 791702D

Price: $65USD/£55


The Pandora Club is a part of their website, when a user account is created – where you can keep track of what you own and wish and more.

Last year, you had to have an account and be signed up for emails to gain an exclusive voucher to purchase the Club charm in-store. However, most stores did not require this voucher. Pandora has not released purchasing details for 2015 yet.




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