Answers to the Quiz

Answers to the quiz that is here:

#1: FAKE Design and FAKE bracelet

The real glass Murano is called Blue Bubbles:


#2 The cupcake on the right is Real Pandora



Real Pandora Gold Heart with Diamond below:

Pandora is NEVER plated.



Pandora does NOT have any crystal items. NOTE: As of late 2012, Pandora released pavé charms.


From the fake clock’s website:


Real clock below and retails for $30USD:


# 6 FAKE Website

Pandora NEVER uses the words cheap, sale, discount, coupon etc.

By the way, that website states they are in Naples, Florida, USA at the Pandora Merchato location  – that is a lie. They do not have any real contact information and there is no mall named Merchato – it’s Mercato…


Nothing in that picture is real – Pandora never uses a yellow ring around their name. The bracelet is not one Pandora sells. The clasp is all wrong.

#8 REAL – 14K gold – Retails for $1,415.00 USD

Here’s a fake “gold” bracelet:


And why is it listed as leather? Pandora does NOT have a leather in this color.

#9 FAKE – there is NOT a design like that

#10 FAKE

Real Polka Dot Murano:

white polka

Besides looking for the quality and design, also look for a small ring along the rim of the glass Murano core. Without this ring, the bead is not threaded and all Pandora items are threaded. This is why Pandora items must be twisted onto the bracelet. The core is always sterling silver 925 or 14K gold 585 and also marked so with Pandora and ALE.

Real Pandora Murano below:


You can see under the 925 ALE the thread ring.

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