How to Contact Pandora?

If it’s a retailer issue, try contacting the retailer first. If not satisfied, try to contact the store manager (level above manager) or owner.

If it’s a item/warranty issue, try your local store first.

The Official Pandora Jewelry Facebook page is administered by:

List updated April 4, 2016


Anita, Community Manager (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Alexandra, Moderator (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Signe, Moderator (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Monique, Moderator (Sydney, Australia)

Yasmin, Moderator (Sydney, Australia)

Eleanor, Moderator (London, United Kingdom)

Emma, Moderator (London, United Kingdom)

Jordan, Moderator (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Nicole, Moderator (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Margaret, Moderator (Baltimore, MD, USA)

(Most are:


If you come across anything claiming to be the Pandora brand, and is not the real thing…contact Pandora Brand Protection at

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