Tips and Tricks of the Store Locator

On towards the top left is “Store” click to be taken to the store locator.


Once the map appears you’ll see a search box at the top center of the map. You can either use a city, state, country or postal code..suggested matches may appear when you start typing.

If you want to find other locations besides what is around you currently, the map is drag-able.

  • Put your cursor on the map, hold and drag to the area you want.
  • The store list on the left will update automatically.
  • The stores names are click-able also..when clicked the map will focus on it and a popup will appear with some more in this bubble to see all the information about that store (phone numbers, website, location etc).


Also at the top of the stores list is “list view” this will take away the map and just show you all the stores around with some information. To view more information, just click on a store showing.



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