Where can I purchase? I (Stores)

Lots of places!

There are Pandora concept stores that carry every line of their jewelry. These stores have cleaning services in store too (free in US, may vary by country in price and availability) and may sell branded Pandora jewelry boxes (without advertising they do) – along with other branded goodies.  Concept stores do not sell any other brand.


Shop-in-shop have a Pandora counter inside a store that may sell anything else (doesn’t even have to be jewelry). These types of stores do not carry the full range of Pandora, but much more than jewelers who sell the brand. Some of these stores may also have cleaning services.


Some jewelry stores are allowed to sell Pandora products since they are authorized. These stores do not carry every line of Pandora.

A “Silver” store carries more of the silver and two-toned Pandora items. They may also have gold pieces. 

A “Gold” store carries more of the moments collection – charms, bracelets, necklaces – they may also have parts of the other collections. 

A “White” store carries does not carry everything Pandora has to offer, but an assortment of the collections.

 To View All the Locations Near you visit Pandora.net ‘s store locator.

(tips and tricks of using the Store Locator can be found here)

No matter where you purchase Pandora, remember to keep the receipt for easier warranty help (info here). Some stores will keep your information on file, and what items were purchased (only from that store). If you go to that store often, they can pull up your record if you need help or if you forgot what you already have! However each store keeps their own records…even if this store and that store are owned by the same group – stores (concept or not) in the same city are often owned by the same group.



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