Where can I purchase? II (Online)

Part I of Where can I purchase? mentioned the types of stores.

You can also purchase online through authorized retailers.

Note: For the following countries, they can only ship within their country due to brand rules.

Official Pandora online store – portal to available countries

Authori(z/s)ed Online stores:

USA and Canada


Australia and New Zealand




If you are in any other country, either your stores do not have a website or they are allowed to ship outside of their country.

Other sites that sell Pandora:

Authorised, can ship outside of their country (exception to brand rule):

Belgium – Pandora Stores – pandorastore.be ships worldwide

Canada – Charm Junction – charmjunction.ca – ships to Canada and USA only

Netherlands – Juwelier Steensma, dba: Pansite  – pansitenederland.nl – ships worldwide

Nordstrom Department Store – USA nordstrom.com – International here – Some actual stores may sell Pandora, if there is not a Pandora store/retailer around..best to call first!


NOT Authorised:

Denmark – Perlen* – perlenodense.dk – the site is in Danish, however top left mouse over Dansk to change the language; and DKK (Danish Krones) to change the currency

*Note: As of November 2012, Perlen can no longer sell Pandora. In Pandora’s words: “The partnership with Perlen was terminated due to repeated breaches of our retailer guidelines.” Perlen will sell what stock they have left, and will continue to sell other popular brands such as Trollbeads and Redbalifrog. As of 2013, Perlen still is selling Pandora – without knowing what stock will be coming in. 2016, Pandora is back on their site, still not authorised; selling other popular brands.


UK – JewelFirst *

jewelfirst.co.uk – Ships worldwide – Currency: £ aka pound/GBP


UK – Unforgettable Moments* (owned by JewelFirst)

unforgettablemoments.co.uk – Will ship internationally IF paid with PayPal Only. – Currency: £ aka pound/GBP


UK – Me Me Me Accessories* – AS OF 2014, JewelFirst took over Me Me Me

mememeaccessories.com – Can change the currency at the top right – Does ship internationally – also sells other known brands – NO longer sells Pandora (as of August 31, 2012), but other popular brands – As of December 2013, they are selling retired Pandora. 2016 Still selling Pandora and other popular brands.

*No longer authorized – Have heard the items are real Pandora

WARNING ABOUT JEWELFIRST: There have been Pandora fans that did receive fake charms and say customer service is tough to access. JewelFirst owns unforgettablemoments.co.uk as well.

This blog is not connected to Pandora or to any retailer mentioned
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