Does Pandora come with any Warranty?

Yes! The warranty only covers manufacturer faults.

Bracelets do stretch a bit, so this is not a defect.

Also improper cleaning is not a defect.

In the USA, all items have a 1-year warranty.

Black Crown Diamond Watches have a 3-year international warranty.

Other countries have 30-days on leather, 1-year on silver and silver clasps, 30-days on murano glass, and 2-years on gold charms.

Best to check with your local store for exact warranty information.

There should be a warranty link at the very bottom of with exact information.

Also in any catalog, near the back, has warranty, care and other important information.


Note: If  non-Pandora charms are used on a Pandora bracelet this voids the warranty.  Since it is your bracelet, you are allowed to mix and match brands. Keep in mind though, some non-Pandora charms do get stuck on a Pandora bracelet, and Pandora will not help you. Pandora Addict’s view is to not put any other brand on your Pandora bracelet, until the warranty period is over. Or have a second bracelet just for other charms. In the end, it is your decision.


If you do need warranty help, first take your Pandora to any authorized store. If it is a store you have shopped before, they may have what you have purchased in their computer system. Otherwise they may ask for the original receipt or other proof of date of purchase (i.e. bank statement, credit card statement). Depending on the issue the store will replace it, send it back to Pandora for repair, or may have another solution.


If you are having trouble with your store for a warranty, on the bottom of is a contact link. There is also the Official Pandora Jewelry Facebook page.

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