Materials Used

Pandora Jewelry uses good quality materials..such as sterling silver (925), yellow gold (14K/18K), white gold, gemstones, diamonds etc.

Since silver and gold are very soft in their natural state, Pandora does add another metal to them, however this not nickle. All of Pandora is nickle-free.

We do not purposely add any nickel in PANDORA jewellery. There may still be trace amounts of nickel present in PANDORA jewellery but the amount is so low that only the small amount of people, who are hypersensitive, will react to it.
Because PANDORA jewellery is made from genuine materials such as sterling silver, 14K gold and 18K gold without added nickel, our customers rarely experience allergic reactions.
Very often symptoms of mild skin irritations are caused by other factors and can be resolved with the right precautions. Jewellery can cause skin problems for many different reasons including tarnishing, corrosion, perspiration and product build-up. The problem can usually be solved by cleaning the jewellery regularly or removing the jewellery when using certain products and chemicals.

All information regarding Pandora Jewelry Materials can be found here, in their words,

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