Sneak Peak Of Autumn/Winter 2013

As you are aware the Summer 2013, ‘A Tale By the Sea,’ Collection was just released worldwide, June 3rd.  Some fans have been allowed, by their store, to see the upcoming release notes. The following are what they have seen…this list is not all inclusive

  • Map of Australia
  • A kiwi
  • A Mrs Hedgehog
  • An owl with colored stones for eyes


  • Silver Basketball
  • Hockey Puck
  • Green Fascinating Murano
  • Green Pave
  • Wine Charm
  • Sun and Moon Clip
  • Murano with cz and bubbles inside – color unknown at this time
  • Chinese symbol for Love on a Silver Heart
  • Chinese Symbol for Happiness Dangle
  • Peacock
  • 2 Swans
  • Unicorn
  • Pixie
  • Mermaid
  • Open Work Feather – silver and cz
  • Silver Globe
  • Theater Mask – comedy/tragedy
  • English Telephone Booth

Jewelry including: a feather, bird, butterfly pendants, and birthstone earrings


  • Red Enamel Santa
  • Champagne Glass
  • Candy Cane Dangle
  • Pine Cone with Red Enamel Ribbon
  • Two-Tone Sled
  • Mittens Dangle
  • Red Pave
  • Purple Pave
  • Silver Bells
  • Snow Globe with a Reindeer inside
  • Reindeer Dangle
  • Two-Tone Snowflake Clip
  • Blue Whimsical Light
  • Gold Pave with cz
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