Correct Way to Put on a Safety Chain

Safety chains come in two styles – clip on or twist on – the following picture (from a Pandora fan) shows how to put the chain on a bracelet the correct way.

By putting a safety chain on correctly does make a difference. The swivel end allows the chain to twist without getting tangled. When the swivel is put on first, this helps the other end get on the bracelet. Also keeps both ends near the clasp, and more in the same position on the bracelet. The end without the swivel can also move without disturbing the side with the swivel.

Try both ways and you will see!




The twist on chain (like the flower one above) covers the end threads by the clasp. The clip on chain does not cover the end threads, instead it takes the place of 2 charms, and can be easily attached to any position on a bracelet. A safety chain can help to stabilize the chain on your wrist when opening/closing the bracelet clasp; a regular clip near the end thread, of a bracelet, will also help to stop charms from unwinding themselves off.

Note the twist on chain, the one that fits the end threads, will unwind from those threads when the bracelet is not full. Fans have been known to put a silicone ring next to them, so they move less.


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