Determing if it is Fake

Note: Some information is out dated for 2016 and will be updated.


Pandora tips on Brand Protection:


When purchasing online be careful! Only use authorized retailers – list can be found here – also the retailer should be seen on’s store locator.


What to Look for on a Website:

Many fake websites contain Pandora logos, pictures, information etc. without authorization to used. Some even make their own Pandora logo – looks real since of the crown above the O, but the background coloring is wrong. Others just use the name and give you a false image that is a design Pandora never made. Also Pandora never has sales, exception late 2012 their first authorized sale hit the UK for retired items. If you are not sure about a website look for its contact information. Does it have a real street address or is it just an email at etc? Also look at their terms – usually you will find their English is terrible – would you write like that?

An authorized website should have a Pandora logo stating they are authorized on the site. However, there are a few websites that do sell authentic Pandora, and do not have this logo. These retailers have had their Pandora license revoked, and selling what they have.


To tell if the charm is real, study the picture. Look for the quality does it look cheap? or too bright silver (Pandora has tons of oxidized charms)? Also look for the words ‘plated’ ‘silver plated’ ‘gold plated.’ All Pandora items are sterling silver 925 and 14K gold 585, and always hallmarked. Pandora is also marked ALE for Algot Enevoldsen, Per Enevoldsen’s father. Per is the founder of Pandora.

Official Pandora Hallmarks:

Pre 2008: No crown over the O in Pandora on bracelet clasps

2008: Crown is added to the O in Pandora on bracelet clasps

Pre June 2011: 925 or 585 and ALE

2011: S for silver and G for gold are added in front of their numbers: S925/G585 and ALE

Muranos say Pandora; some are on the same side as the Silver marks

Smaller cores are appearing on newer muranos, as not to distract from the design; example: cherry blossom murano

2014: For 10 days Pandora tested a Rose collection, hallmarks: ALE R

However, having ANY of the above hallmarks does not mean it’s Pandora.


Crystals & Disney Items:

If you see any crystal Pandora items – these are always fake. Pandora does not have crystals. However, Pandora has released pavé charms, they are sparkly and are not threaded. The brand Swarovski is partnered with Chamilia, another type of charm bracelet. Also Chamilia has the rights to Disney charms.


Watch Out on eBay!

If you plan on purchasing from eBay, there are tons of fakes on there! Look at the person’s feedback, what do they typical sell? Are people happy with their purchases? Is the seller using the same description for all their items? Is the picture hard to see, since it’s blurry? Are the hallmarks shown? If in any doubt, contact the seller and ask questions to see how they respond.


Last Words:

Once you get into Pandora, you will start to remember patterns and can easily spot fakes. If still unsure, post for help, to decide, on the official Pandora Jewelry Facebook page there is always someone willing to take a look.

If you have any bad feelings than pass, it is not worth it. If you do purchase online, use a credit card or a card that has a support team behind it, in case you do need a resolution.


More information on how to spot fakes from Canada’s Authorized Online Retailer:

Also when you do come across fake Pandora email Pandora’s Brand Protection Team so they can take action:

Come test your newly acquired knowledge in Real or Fake!

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