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Black Friday, in the USA, is a tradition to mark the Christmas shopping season, occurs the day after Thanksgiving when stores open at 4A.M. or earlier with discounts and deals only available that day, and can be in limited quantities.


November 28, 2014 – Christmas Wish dangle


 Bundle set:

Bundle includes the “Stargazer” gift set (one 590702HV, two 791286CZ and one 791388CZ),

the “Starlight” gift set (one 290553CZ, one 791051CZ and one 590412-45),

AND the limited edition 2014 Black Friday charm

(a combined retail value of $510 US).



November 29, 2013 – Let it Snow – cz snowflake openwork

Complete with a small round charm box, with Pandora’s crowned O and ‘Limited Edition’ on the lid. Similar to 2012 BFC’s box






12 Days of Christmas Set with Design Center jewelry box available $500USD

Retail:$715USD ($665charms+$50box) – stores had limited quantities of set

Charms Included: Silver Bells, Winter Wisp, Candy Cane, Tree of Lights, Perfect Gift, Winter Mittens, Winter Wonderland clips (2), Snow Globe, Dashing Through the Snow, Reindeer, St. Nick and the 2013 Black Friday Charm: Let it Snow – as above

More information and pictures here within this blog


November 23, 2012 Precious Gift – silver present, with red enamel, and a Pandora logo gift tag complete with a gift box

Pandora # 791086EN27     Retail: $55USD/$65CAD


November 23, 2012 Holiday Gift Set – sterling silver clasp bracelet, 2 twinkle clips, Black Friday Charm complete with a larger round gift box

Pandora # HBGS12      Retail: $200USD/$230CAD


November 25,2011 Midnight Heart – 14K gold heart with Black enamel hearts on sterling silver

Pandora # 790591EN16                 Retail: $90USD/$105CAD


November 2014: Disney charms

A few are exclusive to the parks, others only available at Concept stores.

…25 different styles; an additional 16 styles will be sold at Disney merchandise locations, including the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.  The Disney collection from PANDORA will also be available in PANDORA stores throughout Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean...

Disney Pandora charms can also be found on-board select Disney Cruise Line ships, including a exclusive charm made for just the ship. Price: $44.95


Looking Glass or Abstract Muranos – Silver Core

Released Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Retail: $35USD/$40CAD

Swirl Muranos – Silver Core  – Available


Note: These Muranos will be coming to Denmark in the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Pandora # 790670 (yellow), 790671 (brown), 790673 (aqua/green), 790674 (light blue)

790675 (blue), 790676 (black), 790677 (purple/pink)

Retail $40USD/$50CAD


Gold Ladybugs Murano – Introduced Fall 2011

Pandora # 790650  Retail $40USD/$50CAD  (regular sized not a extra-large Murano)


Kiss Me, I’m Irish Murano – Silver core – Just released February 2012 for St. Patrick’s Day

Pandora # 790927   Retail $35USD/$40CAD  (regular sized not a extra-large Murano)




MLB Licensed Logo Charms – silver dangles, wood muranos (to mimic the bat) and silver baseballs

Released October 2013

Prices: dangles – $65; muranos – $65; baseballs – $75

More information within blog


NFL Licensed Logo Charms  – silver dangles ($65) and two-toned helmet ($160)

Available for all 32 teams

Released 2014



Rose and Pink Heart Murano Glass Bead (regular sized not a extra-large Murano) 

Still Available

Pandora # 790660     Retails for $40USD




Football Helmet – 14K Gold and Sterling Silver – Still Available.

Pandora # 790570         Retails for $130USD



Charity Charm 2009:

OneWorld Health Charm – Sterling silver with 14K gold and Clear CZ

Limited Edition produced in limited quantities.

May have also been released in Canada, however The Institute for OneWorld Health is located in the USA.

Pandora # 790472CZ             Retail $80USD


[…]inspired by OneWorld Health’s mission to develop safe, effective and affordable medicines for the world’s poor. For every OneWorld Health charm sold, PANDORA will donate $20 to OneWorld Health, and sales of the OneWorld Health charm have yielded more than $220,000.00 in contributions to date.

(Original post here from April 27,2009)




2014 Limited Edition Survivor Dangle

20% of proceeds, of each dangle sold, go to CBCF (Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation



Canada Maple Leaf Charm – Retired – Introduced in Fall 2009

Pandora # 790523ERW

Most buyers wanted this charm for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. 





Sterling Silver Pink Enamel Heart Charm – Pandora # 790543EN28

Still Available – Retails for $45GBP

Note: This charm is coming to the USA in the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Same Pandora Number – Retail $55USD



After the Family Ties charm was used in Denmark (see below for whole story) for charity, the UK received the rest as a “UK Exclusive.”

Currently, owners of the Family Ties are unhappy about this charm as it is not exclusive to the UK, see this post from Pandora for all the info.

Silver verison # 79487E09       Gold verison # 75457




Pandora has released information on the 3 UK inspired charms. Most will be available in other markets, which are not known yet – UPDATE: the Union Jack Bus and Red, Blue, White Swirl Murano are available in North America as a part of the new destination dangles and the current line (2012). The Union Jack Medal has been recalled, as it was not officially for the Olympic Games held in London, UK (2012).

See our article here.


UK/Australia/Canada/NZ: 2011 Royal Wedding Heart Charm – Sterling Silver with blue spinal stone. Back has C & W engraved. 

Released as a Limited Edition in limited quantities.

Pandora # 790875SSB     Retail $45GBP/$69AUD



2013 Royal Baby Carriage Charm for C&W (available in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.)

Limited Edition

Pandora # 791209CZ

Released after Princess Kate’s birth of their first son, George, on 22 July 2013

Retail: $69AUD/$75CAD/$89NZD/£55




2012 Union Jack Medal Dangle

Pandora # 791050

Controversial since Pandora was NOT a sponsor to the Olympic games that were held in London, UK 2012. The charm was released around the time of the Olympic games. Pandora did state this dangle was for a limited time, and was retired during the games. Which made it look like Pandora made an error.




Christ Charm – made for Christ Jewelers – long retired – very hard to find

Sterling Silver with 14K gold open heart

This charm usually came in a red CHRIST box

Pandora # 790489   Retail €59



Blue Primrose Path – long retired – very hard to find

Made for the German Jeweler Kaufhof

Pandora # 790330CZB





Charity charms – produced in Limited Quantities and hard to find:

Denmark Indsamling (also known as the Denmark Collection): Charity that helps African’s in need, each year the focus shifts.

2013: Pandora will NOT be producing a charm, but will instead give a monetary donation.

2012: Feather dangle – theme: No Child Should Be on the Run


The part numbers are: 390338CBK-100 and 390339CBK-100. The feathers did include a 100cm black lariat.

If ordered directly from the charity: the feather included the lariat, black nylon drawstring pouch with Pandora ribbon, and a charity information book written in Danish.

 More info about this feather can be found within this blog.


2010: Female Gender Symbol dangle – theme: Helping Women Achieve a Better Future



2009: Family Ties Charm


In 2009, the Family Ties charm was introduced as a limited edition series, exclusively sold in connection with the Danish national charity campaign, ‘Danmarks Indsamling’. The total series of approximately 12.000 items included two design variations – one in silver (79487E09) and one in gold (75457).

While 12,000 items may seem like a large number, PANDORA’s jewellery series are often produced in much larger quantities. In fact, it is not unusual that a popular jewellery item can be produced and sold in several hundreds of thousands across the world. As such, a series of 12.000 items is considered a limited edition.

The Family Ties charm series was very well received in Denmark, and the successful charity campaign resulted in a DKK 2 million donation from PANDORA. After the event, instead of destining the remaining approximately 1.000 charms for re-melting, it was decided to provide them as a limited edition series exclusive to the UK market.

Since the Family Ties charm series is no longer being produced, and since all items have been shipped to the UK retailers, the remaining charms are only available through those stores in the UK, which still may have a few items left in stock.

With more than 10,000 points of sale worldwide, of which the vast majority is independent retailers, PANDORA does not have access to information about the exact stock levels of a particular design in each store.

(Original Posted here by Pandora, January 31,2012) 



Royal Wedding Church – for Frederik and Mary’s wedding – 14/5/2004

Retired and very hard to find

Silver church with a 14K gold crown with the date engraved next to it on the bottom



The Hans Christian Anderson Collection:

Some countries may be able to still acquire these 3 charms, as they were not solely released in Denmark – they are retired however.

HCA Hat, Ugly Swan or Duckling, Princess and the Pea



HCA Hat – Pandora # 79321

Ugly Duckling – Pandora # 79319

Princess and the Pea – Pandora # 790320   Retail $65USD



Charms – March 2015:

Lavender Fluttering Butterflies – item 791483EN66; SGD88

Green Pavé Pear – item 791486NLG; SGD124

Complete My Heart – item 791522EN68; SGD53

Asian Exclusives 3-2015Photo by Patty N.


Note: Chinese New Year charms are first released in Asia, then they may appear at a later date in other’s up to each country’s office what and when to release charms.


New Charms for the Chinese New Year January 23, 2012 – Year of the Dragon

Post from Pandora, from their Facebook Page:

 Did you see the stunning four new PANDORA charms that were designed in celebration of the Chinese New Year? These charms can for now be purchased at PANDORA stores and retailers throughout Asia only.

Please ask your local retailer in the following countries for more information: Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. Product no: 750990, 790990, 790991, 790992.

(bolding PA's doing)
(original post here)

 Mid-late 2012/early 2013 other countries have started seeing these charms.

CNY 2012 Update


Dragon Dangle Silver #790991 – $45USD
Dragon Dangle Two Tone #790992 – Retired by 2013

Fortune Bag Silver #750990
Fortune Bag Gold #790990

Silver SGD 55 (Singapore Dollar)

Gold about $326USD = SGD 425chinese_new_year_2012



February 10, 2013 – Year of the Snake

year of snake 2013

These snakes can be found in other countries besides Asia, after the CNY 2013.



January 14, 2014 – Year of the Horse

Since a horse is already a part of the current collection (item 791099), Pandora released two different charms – a red lantern and Yuanbao Ingot – Good Luck Coins are symbols of prosperity and wealth.


Red Lateran – Item 791299EN09: NTD1,610; HKD499; SGD71

Yuanbao Ingot – Item 791300: NTD1,210; HKD299; SGD53

Note: In mid-2014, other countries will be seeing at least one of these charms.

CNY2014Photo by Catharina H.



February 19 –  Year of the Sheep/Goat

A 14k solid gold ingot is the charm for this year. The ingot is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and good fortune.

Item 750823 – 3,999 HKD/ 708 SGD

gold ingot 2015



Cricket Bat and Ball dangle – Retired 5 January 2013

 Pandora # 790963

Retail: $39AUD



Australia/New Zealand

Limited Edition Imagine Watch

Retail: $499


In Pandora’s words..

The inimitable Limited Edition Imagine features a sophisticated and sporty matte black finish, a sleek Italian leather band and an elegant, diamond scattered face. Inspired by the sparkling night sky, diamonds set in the dial of the timepiece beautifully capture the silhouette of star constellation, The Southern Cross.

The Limited Edition Imagine is available exclusively from PANDORA stockists across Australia and New Zealand, and there are just 650 in existence. To celebrate the rarity of this collectible design, each watch is individually numbered. The Australia-New Zealand theme is also carried on to the rear casing of the watch with a fine map detail. PANDORA is passionate about superior craftsmanship and the Limited Edition Imagine is designed with this in mind. The watch features Swiss movement, scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal and a decorative rose-cut black diamond on the crown.

PANDORA’s Limited Edition Imagine is available at $499, and only while stocks last.


Parts of Europe/Nordic Countries:

Timebeads – real working little watch faces for Pandora’s charm bracelet. Came in two types screw-on, like a charm makes it way onto the bracelet, and clip-on – clip on the back of watch face, easy on/off bracelet.

These were available in parts of Europe and Nordic countries, until Pandora released their Black Crown watch collection. Timebeads now are getting hard to find, as they were not available for long.

timebeads info

Pandora: Hi ladies – Just want to confirmed that the Time Beads will not be released in the US or anywhere else. Only a small quantity was produced and released in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Nordic countries. You may find the Time Beads on eBay, but please be very careful when shopping PANDORA on eBay. There are very few authentic PANDORA items there
Please check out our fabulous new watches, Black Crown Diamond. See some of them here:
Best Regards, Charlotte

October 26, 2010


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